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Watches –

The high-end watches start at a few hundred dollars and may reach up to a few million dollars.
One amazing example is The A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon >>

The A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon

When purchasing a watch, your budget may be what separates you from a very nice watch to a breathtakingly gorgeous (and complex) watch with a lot of pieces.

What usually separates watches, apart from their brand and the quantity of that watch made per year, is the movement type – there are four categories [Ref 1]:

  1. Quartz – The most popular and least expensive type of watch is actually the most accurate. When properly cut and mounted, quartz will oscillate with the help of an electric current at a frequency of 32,768Hz per second. Once the circuit in the watch has counted this number of oscillations, accuracy is guaranteed.
    Best for: Limited budgets, active lifestyles, or guys who see a watch as nothing more than a device that prevents them from missing trains.
Quartz Movement of the Seiko Astron 1969

Quartz Movement of the Seiko Astron 1969

  • Automatic – The self-winding watch is typically the most expensive version due to the expertise required to build it. An eccentric weight, called a rotor, swings with the movement of the wearer’s body and winds the spring. This motion is passed through various gears to wind the mainspring. A fully wound mainspring will typically last two days.
    Best for: Anyone for whom time is a cherished commodity and who sees a watch as an extension of their personality, not simply a measuring device.

    Montres Rolex S.A. - 31J, Caliber 4030 movement

    Montres Rolex S.A. – 31J, Caliber 4030 movement

  • Manual – With the advent of the automatic mechanism in 1923, the demand for manual watches has since fallen significantly. What human can actually find time in his life to remember to wind up his watch every day? The mechanism is similar to that of an automatic, only the mainspring is wound by hand.
    Best for: Those with a good memory and a love of vintage. Manual watches from Swiss makers are highly collectible, so good as investments.
    Winding intervals for manual-wind watches will depend on the power reserve capacity of the movement, which could be 24 hours to five days or more.
    Extremely eager to learn a bit more about the difference between automatic and manual? read this post.

    Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT

    Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT

  • Tourbillon – Meaning ‘whirlwind’ in French, the tourbillon is essentially a minute rotating cage housing the escapement (which converts rotational motion into watch energy) and balance wheel. It’s said to negate the effect gravity has on a watch’s accuracy, but it’s also mechanical peacockry to show off the watchmaker’s virtuosity: you can pay up to the hundreds of thousands for them.
    Best for: The seriously wealthy, or the pathologically competitive.
    See the top of this post for a breath-taking example – The A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon.

I’ll be the first to say, the most I’ve spent on a watch is 300$ simply because I think it’s a “nice accessory” that compliment your total “look”, while others think of watches as a very expensive hobby or a status symbol, and as such they may seek a watch that is somewhat expensive; Alternatively, there’s a growing demand for a watch that simply “looks” like the authentic piece – and that leads us to this post’s topic:

Replica Watches!

These watches look exactly like the real watch, but even when purchasing a replica watch you may need to know a few things first – there are “grades” that divide replica watches, as follows:

Grade 1A Swiss Replica Watches (Triple AAA+ grade)
Grade 1B Swiss Replica Watches (A+ grade)
Grade 1A Japanese Replica watches
Grade 1B Japanese Replica watches

You could read more about it here.

Keep in mind:
If you buy a low-grade replica watch it may very well break rather fast:
A few years ago, I was fooled by an online website into believing I was buying an authentic
Tag Heuer Carrera  – unfortunately, it stopped working after just a few weeks, same goes for the two “Emporio Armani” watches I purchased on eBay: They break, or malfunction rather easily, or even worse – some parts didn’t even work to begin with since they were there only for “appearance”, and quickly there went 100-200$.

“Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Calibre 17”: LTR – Authentic versus reality >>

tag heuer carrera grand calibre 17
Important note: This blog\site does not support the selling of replica or fake watches neither do we condone their purchase – that is up to the individual.
What we are here for is to teach you about watches and help you avoid the rip-off, scam-artists, merchants.

Lastly, a bit off-topic but… here’s a small tip about Smart Watches:


Smart Watch

Instead of spending a few hundred $$$ on an iWatch or Samsung Gear VR, you can simply search on eBay or AliExpress where you’ll find that for 60$, you can get a watch that connects both to your iPhone AND Android operated cellphone.
And best of all, most come “sim-ready” so you could also answer your calls via your smart watch!

Stay tuned for our follow-up post which will focus on the trendiest women’s watches… here’s a small taste of what we’re talking about >>

Roley - Day Date 40 Caliber 3255 Trio Perpetuelle

Roley – Day Date 40 Caliber 3255 Trio Perpetuelle

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