Swimwear Edition (aka Summer Time)


The summertime is almost here, and that’s why we, at I GET IT, want you to be ready for the upcoming summer, so we’ve collected the very coolest swimwear brands:

We will start off with the most provocative brand of all, the Australian Wicked Weasel: it’s  really is more than just a swimwear brand, in fact it’s branded as “micro bikini” and once you’ve had a look at their catalogue you’ll understand why:www_10-2-horz

Wicked Weasel - all rights reserved

Wicked Weasel – all rights reserved

Their sets range anywhere between 60-80$ [USD] which really isn’t all that expensive!
Moreover, Wicked Weasel actually did something unique by creating its’ own community called Microminimus, where users can create their albums wearing WW items, and could actually get “tips” from other users!
Wicked Weasel also has bikini contests and other neat competitions.

Italy also found its’ way into the list with La Perla, which is a luxury Italian women’s clothing company specializing in lingerie but has a very beautiful and subtle beachwear >>

La Perla - all rights reserved

La Perla – all rights reserved

Israel, specifically the lovely beaches of Tel Aviv, cannot be ignored: Gottex! The brand  that was established 60 years ago, and its’ items are made with Italian Sensitive® Fabrics range, a unique patented system by Eurojersey, so it’s both comfortable, dries quickly, doesn’t lose its’ color AND looks awesome >>

Gottex - all rights reserved

Gottex – all rights reserved

This post would obviously not be complete without mentioning the French influence on swimwear and lifestyle!
Vilebrequin is a French brand that specializes in both swimwear and ready-to-wear for men, women and kids!
The most apparent trait of this brand is its’ colorfulness and “laid back” vibe >>

Vilebrequin - all rights reserved

Vilebrequin – all rights reserved

We find it impressive that despite the fact Sweden only has 3  sunny months throughout the year, it managed to create a VERY cool swimwear brand called Panos Emporio, which offers bikinis, bathing suits, trunks & more and best of all – free shipping in Europe! It caters both men and women, and prices range between 45 – 119 € >>

Panos Emporio - all rights reserved

Panos Emporio – all rights reserved

Of all places in the world, we think Hawaii represents the tranquility feeling that accompanies going to the beach, so it’s no surprise this next brand is a veteran brand from Honolulu, Tori Richard. This brand mainly focuses on  epitomized resort living in style, art, and luxury for both women and men.
Side note – if you look closely at this brand’s general style, it really resembles Tommy Bahama, wouldn’t you agree?

Tori Richard - all rights reserved

Tori Richard – all rights reserved

A cool Australian brand called AussieBum which is a men’s swimwear and underwear, offers swimwear in a variety of styles, as you can see from our photo below.
Their” shtick” is pretty straight forward: minimal swimwear for men, with a big emphasis on very soft fabrics!
Prices range between 8-36$ for underwear and swimwear, but best of all – they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 🙂 >>

AussieBum - all rights reserved

AussieBum – all rights reserved

And if you like AussieBum’s style, here are another 2 Australian brands which has a pretty similar style: 2Wink & Funky Trunks >>

LTR: 2Wink & FunkyTrunks [all rights reserved]

LTR: 2Wink & Funky Trunks [all rights reserved]

Our next  brand is Oilder & Boiler, which hails from the U.K, and what we especially like about this brand is its’ simplicity: it may not be as “crazy” and provoking as Wicked Weasel or AussieBum, but what it certainly
has class, clean cuts and very nice fabrics that compliment our figure!
Do note, it mainly focuses on underwear and swimwear for men, but it does offer underwear for women as well (though it’s not a huge selection)!
Note – you can buy it on asos>>

Oiler and Boiler - all rights reserved

Oiler and Boiler – all rights reserved

Next on our list: Blue Mint!
One of the things we like most about this English brand: When you examine their catalogue which focuses on “lifestyle” feeling it tries to convey – colorful, comfortable, fabrics that dry off pretty quickly + pockets (for some of us, it’s a MUST!).
Price range for male swimwear run between 77-79  £ [GBP] which isn’t cheap, we admit.. and this isn’t taking into account the “special edition” trunks which cost £385 [GBP] – SCARY!
BUT! It does offer a unique selling proposition, similar to AussieBum: FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all orders – and we definitely love that!>>

BlueMint - [www.thefashionisto.com] all rights reserved

BlueMint – [www.thefashionisto.com] all rights reserved

 Next up: Yet another British brand – Sik Silk, which we admit is more a complete clothing line, BUT! they do offer a few very nice swimwear items for men; their prices range between 17.5-30 £ [GBP] >>

 Sik Silk - all rights reserved

Sik Silk – all rights reserved

Lastly – for the more professional swimmers among us, there are a few interesting brands such as:
The Australian Zogg, American TYR, Chinese Zoke.
In total contrast, if you’re looking for a brand that doesn’t necessarily take itself too seriously: A quality Australian-made women and mens swimwear that is worn by the world’s top athletes, you really ought to check out Budgy SmugglerPrices for men’s swimwear range between 40-70 AUD, women’s 20-11 AUD >>

budgysmuggler nextmodelmen typepad

Budgy Smuggler – all rights reserved

And if all these awesome brands weren’t enough, you can read the following link that covers a large variety of brands, all which are for women: 26 Top Swimwear Brands You Need to Know About.
Happy & SAFE tanning! 🙂
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