The Best Grooming Products for Men (Series) #1


We have done an extensive research, on a lot of hair grooming products for men, and this is our verdict – the products are presented in order of our preference combined with value-for-money:

  1. Blind Barber – 90 Proof: The very best – easy to play in your hand, maximum hold, with a semi-dry look.
    * Blind Barber also has a slightly “lighter” version which is the 60 Proof.
    Bottom Line – The price of either version – 18$ for 1.7 oz \ 50ml.
    Can be found on Urban Outfitters

    LTR: Blind Barber - 60/90 Proof

    LTR: Blind Barber – 60/90 Proof

  2. Baxter of California – Clay Pomade: the first runner-up, and not by far – this clay product is extremely strong, dry look; the only downside is – a bit harder to play and mold your hair with this item if you don’t rub your palms and make the product hot enough; huge advantage over most clays we’ve tested: comes off pretty easily and leaves the hair looking nicely styled.
    * Baxter of California also has a slightly “weaker-hold” version – Cream Pomade – easier to play with, medium to light hold, semi-wet look.
    Bottom Line – The price of either version – 20$ for 2 oz \ 60ml.
    Can be found on Urban Outfitters

    LTR: Baxter of California -Pomades: Cream, Clay

    LTR: Baxter of California – Pomade: Cream, Clay


  3. Osmo – Shaper Maker: Super-easy to play with, medium hold, semi-wet look: a pretty good value-for-money product, as are most of Osmo’s.Osmo – Fiber Paste: Similar to “Shape Maker” with a bit stronger hold.
    Bottom Line – The price of either version – ~£6.99 (10$) for 3,3 oz \ 100ml.

    LTR: Osmo - Shaper Maker & Fiber Paste

    LTR: Osmo – Shaper Maker & Fiber Paste


  4. Toni & Guy – Styling Paste: One of THE very best clay-products we’ve ever used: Maximum hold, but a bit hard to play with, which is why it’s only rated as #4.Bottom Line – The price – ~£6.39 (9.26$) for 75ml.

    Toni & Guy - Styling Paste

    Toni & Guy – Styling Paste

  5. Gatsby – Air Rise \ Moving Rubber \ Wild Shake: This Japanese brand does one thing and does it well: It is sort of like putting cement on your hair, so it won’t move one bit… not even if you work out. Seriously. It is both good AND not expensive with the only downside is the fact it really does take too much of an effort to remove the hair products from your hair 🙂
    Bottom Line – The price – varies but is probably the cheapest of all the products on this list.
    can be found on eBay in two sizes:  regular and traveling size!

    Gatsby - Hair products

    Gatsby – Hair products


  6. Men-ü – Muscle Fibre Paste: An easy to play with paste, medium ++ hold with a semi-dry look.
    Men-ü - Muscle Fibre Paste
  7. D:fi styling – d:sculpt : Extremely similar to Men-U’s paste – in hold, look AND price!
    Bottom Line – The price – ~13$ for 75g.
    D fi styling - d sculpt
  8. Matrix – Design Pulse – Fiber Shuffle: A real easy to play with cream, with light to semi-strong hold and a semi-wet look; It probably fits men with longer hair + It would have ranked higher, if it weren’t for the fact the product doesn’t smell that well 🙁
    Matrix - Design Pulse - Fiber Shuffle
  9. NaCreo – Black Pearl Gel: This is a special treat for all of you “salt & pepper” haired men – this is a pretty easy to play with gel, dries up pretty fast AND colors your hair black; Firm to strong hold, semi-wet\spikey look.
    Bottom Line – The price – ~34$ for 150ml, not the cheapest option
    NaCreo - Black Pearl Gel2
  10. Kiehl’s Malleable Molding Paste: One of the weakest holds we’ve tried, with a very easy to play with feel and a semi-wet look; men with longer hair will definitely better appreciate this product.

Bottom Line – The price – ~17$ for 5.3 oz – which is one of the more pricey products on this list.
Kiehl's Malleable Molding Paste

On our next “Beauty and Hair post – we will cover women’s hair products + we will also cover other grooming products for men: Hair and beard, so stay tuned and follow this series!

Shahar Marhum, I GET IT – Founder