Our Brands

When I GET IT was first launched in early 2011, it was a website that did one thing and did it VERY well:

It essentially imported cool brands from ALL OVER THE WORLD (Italy, U.K, U.S.A, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, South Africa and many other countries), and offered it in the lowest prices you could find in Israel – GUARANTEED!


The awesome logo was designed by the super talented Eli Azarzar and we must admit that we fell in love with it the SECOND we saw it: It really was everything we were looking for 🙂

I GET IT stands for 2 things:
1) If you want a brand that doesn’t ship to Israel – We’ll get that specific item for you
2) I get it, as in “I get what you’re thinking, want and desire”.

Our love for fashion is derived from the passion for beauty, esthetics and uniqueness!

If there is ONE thing I GET IT tries to avoid, it’s wearing the same clothes most of our surrounding wears – it lacks that cool new look, and let’s face it: we ALL want to be special, different – distinct individuals!

In its new reincarnation, I GET IT will be your fashion & style Mecca – your shopping hub!
I GET IT will be one of a kind social blog, where posts will be written by us, for us!
If you want to take part of this awesomeness, email us at Info@IGETIT.co.il 🙂

Shahar Marhum, Founder
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